Will Wheaton just became my hero.

So.. we all say that we're going to love our children no matter what. And of course that's true, but I have to be honest. There are times I worry so much about when Charlie starts school, and that maybe he might have a hard time making friends (there's no reason for me to think that, just Mommy worry). But I have wondered what I would say to him to help him through such a hard time if that were the case. Will Wheaton just answered my question. I heart you Will!!


Growing up in Madera had good points and bad points. The good memories only involve you, Melissa, Megan, Erin, and a couple other people. The bad memories involve everyone else, lol. I don't think the people we grew up with were born awesome, I think they didn't have weight problems, they typically had a decent support system at home as in one or both parents that were "present", and their parents bought them nice clothes. You and I on the other hand did not have that. That's the only thing that made us different from them (oh and we were nice people), and frankly, nice clothes, a skinny waist, and shiny hair may make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn't fix the ugly on the inside - and there was plenty of ugly to go around. I'm praying for Charlie's sake and my children's' sake that since they have parents that love them and will always be there for them, and yes, buy them clothes that fit right for goodness sakes so we don't help make them a target for ridicule, that we can end that cycle so instead of focusing on their imperfections they can feel comfortable in their own skin in order to realize their full potential.
    We love Will Wheaton! He's such a cool nerd :)

    Personally, I think being a nerd is cool. Embrace it. My husband and I are huge nerds. But we are nerdy together and with our nerdy friends.
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