6 month old baby sleeping through the night.

Charlie is only 3.5 months old but has been sleeping through the night for a long time now. There are some nights where he is obviously not feeling up to par and I let him co-sleep with us, but that's rare. If he won't sleep when put down, I let him fall asleep where he's at then put him in his bassinet. If he wakes up, I wait until he falls asleep and do it again. It took a few days but after that, when he would wake up in his bassinet every time I think maybe he realized that was the place to sleep. Worked for me. But I think consistency is key. Find a bedtime routine that works and stick to it. Maybe a bath, then reading a book, then into bed. Whatever works!

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    Totally agree - whatever works just stick to it!!!! I also think that you have to be willing to change and adjust your routine - teeth, shots, and a whole long list of other things can totally change the way your little one sleeps!
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