Parent's Choice diapers

Okay what the heck happened here? On a whim (and because now that we have a kid we don't have money), I tried these Walmart brand diapers and they were WONDERFUL! I didn't like the wetness indicator, it didn't work. But I got used to what a wet diaper felt like.

Fast forward to last week, opened up a new package and was thrilled to see that they changed the indicator to the yellow/blue line. So excited!! But.. now they just aren't the same. He still doesn't leak but the line turns blue for the tiniest bit of anything. I'm not exaggerating. In the past hour I've changed 9 diapers.

At first I thought maybe it was a growth spurt and he was just peeing a lot but this is nuts! Anyone else use these and notice a difference?

Moms Expertise
    Oh my goodness!!! I would just ignore the line and go off your judgement or those cheaper diapers will get expensive fast!!!
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