Hi all, need you opinion on baby food.

So my little guy will be nine months on the 12th. I have tried introducing baby foods to him but refuses to eat it. Don't know what to do my first wasn't picky at all. He ate everything I gave him! Has anybody else been through this? if so what did you do? I would like to introduce the foods we eat but I was told not to give him regular food till he is a year old.

    If he doesn't have a medical issue then you should be able to offer him real table food that you are eating. I suggest giving him many different food options. Let him play with food and make a mess with the food. Feeling the different textures can help them learn how to chew and swallow the food. Offer food at least three times a day but don't force him to eat. Make food a fun and social thing. Eventually he will start eating. Good luck!
      I've given all 3 of my children table food around 6-8 months. But I also don't think it's something you need to stress about. I've always heard the phrase "food before one is just for fun" and that's how we treat it in our house. Until they are over 1, the formula or breastmilk he is eating should be plenty to meet his needs :)
        8Theresa Gould
        Could it be he's just not ready? Is he showing signs of readiness?
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