Happy babies

Here's my story... every week at Church everyone compliments Charlie about how happy he is. "Gosh every time I see him he's so happy!"... that's because they see him for an hour a week :). Don't get me wrong, I have really lucked out with Charlie. But as he's growing he's getting a bit more fussy and has a longer list that I go through to make him happy again. Don't ever feel like you aren't a good parent because you're baby isn't happy all the time. Be close to your baby, spend as much time as you can with him and you will learn what makes him happy.

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    Hahaha Yes!!! People always tell me how lucky I am that Hayden is SO easy. That's because 98% of the time, people only see her while she is in my arms... which is where she is hapiest. But mama has to pee (or do other things that involve not holding a squirmy baby).
      8Theresa Gould
      It's nice when they are happy babies. Most of mine where, though they certainly had their off times.
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