So proud

Iam so proud of Antonio. you would never think he is autistic by his grades and the way he is at school on his good days. Iam glad he ha been trying to manage his anger anger and his actions. He has come along way these past few weeks. I cant wait to go to his award ceremony on the 8th. He was so excited and happy. Iam a very proud mother of 4 beautiful, crazy, silly, loving kids.

4Milagro RiveraMilwaukee, Wisconsin
    8Theresa Gould should be! Congrats to all of you and enjoy the awards ceremony next week!
      You should be proud of him, and of yourself!! I am sure his improvements and growth has not been without lots of work from you!
        4Milagro Rivera
        Thak you ladies, I am, very proud.
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