my kids are biracial :)

I had 2 biracial kids (Russian, and African-American) so of course! We are planning to adopt one day in the future. We wanted to adopt from Russia but since Russia put an end to American's being able to adopt from there (although we are going to double check if we still can cause I have Russia citizenship) we are looking in to some Asian and African countries to adopt from. It won't be for about 5-6 yrs after we buy a house.

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    That's wonderful you are looking into adoption too. I have friends who have adopted and they've all been very blessed with their decision.
    I understand it but its stupid! Russian orphanages are some of the poorest in the world. They are called "baby" houses in Russia and I have been in them. :( I love my country but the politics side of it is enough to drive someone crazy. Honestly I don't agree with them taking from future kids who were already in the system and met their families. There were people who had met the kids 3-4 times and had pretty much finished up the process (and the kids knew they were being adopted, and the younger ones had grown an attachment) and they were not allowed to finish the process.
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