Strangers touching your kids: Okay or makes you leery?

I have always tried to find the balance with my kids between being friendly and then being too familiar with strangers. When Mini was little she would run up to anyone to hug them, didn't care if she knew them or not.

I have never much liked strangers initiating the touch though unless it's something like a high five or pat on the shoulder. I don't know why, I just don't feel comfortable with it.

How do you ladies feel?

    8Theresa Gould
    I feel the same way you do.
      4Milagro Rivera
      I don't like it at all. In my family and culture we are ver supersticious. We have this bracelet we put on our new borns called la mano de sabache and its for to keep people from giving our kids what is calld mal de ojo which means the evil eye. So you those people who are always looking at your child or touching their hair etc. they are who give the evil eye because they like a certain feature your child has. lol I know its weird but we are very spiritual.
        EEEWW... No, no, no.. .lol.. and my kids have a natural aversion to strangers offering high fives.. I've had women and gramma types touch their hair.. and it creeps me out.. or their cheeks when they were younger and I was always backing up.. Don't touch my kids man.. lol... A stranger shouldn't touch your child.. ever.. a high five needs to be appropriate for a moment and even then..

        I think that a stranger that WOULD touch your child has space issues and even though I err on the super cautious side.. I still think.. don't touch my kids... or I'll clock you..
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