I like most kids but...

I really do like most kids, but every once in awhile I get around one that makes me glad I can't have anymore. That's terrible, right? I was in the store earlier today and this kid, maybe 3 years old, was walking along the meat case and digging his finger into each pack of meat to break the plastic on it.

Let's just say I inspected my hamburger package quite well before I moved on.

Am I the only one who would be beyond annoyed by this?

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      8Theresa Gould
      I would have been annoyed too.
        NO.. not terrible.. in fact at the risk of sounding mean.. MOST kids I'm around make me so proud of my own.. and really make dislike them... they're usually products of their parents.. But few kids I actually really LIKE.. I know, I know.. Im around them a lot.. but so many lack repeat, manners, kindness and can start problems... I hate to generalize.. but... it's true..
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