Animals and Children

I am a huge animal lover. I personally think it is healthy to have indoor animals interacting with your little ones. They create a special kind of bond and a friendship that will always last. How do you feel about having cats, dogs, etc. in your home with the children?

    I think that kids are naturally empathetic towards animals... you know once they get passed the age of throwing their sippy cups and pulling tails...

    Using your pet to teach responsibility is huge I think.. especially when they don't want to or are too tired or busy playing that they have to stop what they are doing sometimes and take care of something else...
      YES! YES! Yes! :)
      We adopted a dog in January, specifically for our Autistic son, but she's def. the family dog! She's soo good with the kids and loves them dearly! I think she's improved my son's attitude and she makes him super happy!
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