ADHD kids bullying?

While any child, regardless of diagnosis or not, can be a bully you should always look at the underlying cause for behavior. ADHD kids sometimes don't respect personal space or they may be physically excited and play too rough. Try to figure out if the child is actually bullying or if they may be in need of some behavior therapy.

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    Never even occurred to me that the ADHD kids would be the bully.. But I'm so not knowledgeable.. but Now that I think about it.. yes.. In fact the two kids at our school that are "severely" adhd.. and by that I mean, are known because of the teacher that is with them at all times.. one of them is quiet and fragile and the other is really aggressive, grabs and in fact, grabbed my daughters pony tail once and yanked it.. not to be mean, I think it just caught his attention..

    His teacher was there and handled it, but I imagine it is a very delicate situation...
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