Sneaking a phone on my kid for his field trip tomorrow..

My son is going with his 4th grade class to an amusement park for their field trip..

A. it's a huge place.. LOTS of people..
B. It's in the area where we've had ALL of these small tiny earthquakes and near our bigger one last week..
C. It's and hour away..

No parents allowed on this trip.. and that's fine.. BUT.. I'm giving my son hs phone to sneak in his cargo pants.. I need to know he can reach me for any reason and not have to ask someone.. It makes me feel better.. he's worried he will lose it and I said I'd rather you lose it than not have it.. He won't lose it.. he's super responsible (anal) like that...

Would you do that???

    Definitely! My brothers were just on their way home on the bus one day and it broke down on the side of interstate. All the kids were made to get off the bus and stand on the side of the road. Parents were not notified until an hour later, while they were still on the side of the road. Things happen.. My kids will always have phones when they are school aged, I'm just going to have them set up in a way that they can't use them irresponsibly.
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