I know...

I know it is "wrong" to be induced without medical cause (even though it seems to be a normal thing at my ob's office), however, I must admit, I really wish it weren't. I have about 2 weeks left and this last month has been horrible. I have to remind myself why I am waiting for him to come out on his own before every doctor appointment just to keep myself from asking about it. I feel horrible for wanting it. Has anyone else felt this way?

VickyPhenix City, Alabama
    Try to naturally induce, I heard besides sex, prunes help. I tried eating prunes and just ended up heaving in the toilet lol.
      Why is it "wrong"? And says who?? Most babies will come when they're ready.. and yes my Doctor wouldn't do it until a week up to my due date .. but he would only do it if someone was like you said.. had High BP or medical reasons.. or if someone was absolutely miserable.. migraines, swollen feet, etc.. back ache..

      DON"T FEEL BAD wanting it.. last month and weeks are really, really hard.. I get it.. I don't know if your Doc WOULD do it.. I think that as my doctor said.. the due date is an estimate.. so two weeks "early" .. could really be 4 weeks early and then you just gotta get to the end.. do lots of squats.. walking etc.. Hope you have your healthy and cooked baby soon...

      But yes.. I would have paid a stranger at the market to pull those babies out at one point..
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