Any friends connected from here yet?

Have any of you moms connected outside of the site? Emailed privately? or found each other are close by? Towns? Called each other?

Would you visit them?

    I hope to visit Jessica Garvin this summer while I am traveling!

    I am real life friends with Theresa and Alissa.

    I met Beth Valencia at a baby expo last year.

    I would love to meet more of you in person!
      Amanda Hurley
      I have connected with Mandi, Laura and Meg.
        Amanda Hurley
        Oh, and there is another Laura who has a daughter in the hospital. We text quite a bit.
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        We live in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a writer, comedian, actor and single mom of two. Parenting is hard. I try to keep a sense of humor about it all and find the find the funny... in what is most likely NOT funny (i.e. boogers, meltdowns, homework, etc.).