Sweating during sleep

My son sweats like crazy in his sleep! He'll wake up and his hair will be so wet, like he just took a bath. Do your babies do that?

    6Miranda Smith
    Yes my daughter has twin girls (2yrs) and they do wake up very hot and sweaty. They has such curly hair it is really cute. however, uncomfortable for the girls. So what she does in the winter is she has a fan or a ceiling fan...She has is on while they sleep. This helps circulate the air. They wear 2 piece PJ's. She found sheets that are like jersey material (T-shirt). No pillow and one blanket... In the summer it is the same thing because we keep the air on but, she covers the air vent with a towel. This way it is comfy on the room and not very cold. It has worked well. I hope this helps...
      Yes my children will and even my husband will at times (ick) ..
        they do my son does it to lol sometimes i think he wet the bed but when i feel by his head i knew what it was hes normal hehe :)
          hey christina miller theres this thing called a life nest its a wedge available at TD's furniture in summiton alabama its great my son doesnt sweat any more n it also helps him breath better as well
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