I give my son juice

My son is 5 months old , I've been giving him baby food since about 2 1/2 months and I just started giving him juice around 4 months. My doctor said it was fine. He's the one who told me to give it to him

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      4Santana Ferrell
      i started with diluted juice around a month old but she was having a horrible time with constipation
      My son was throwing up a lot with formula I even changed formula 3 times and nothing helped. His doctor said formula is just a form of protein until he's able to eat food. He said I can start giving him baby food to see if that helps and if he can keep it down. And he likes it and is keeping it down I give him baby food twice a day and formula in between and I give him juice when he eats baby food. My son is perfectly fine and healthy and is doing well with baby food. Older doctors say one thing and younger doctors say another. I have trust and faith in my doctor. I guess every doctor has there own opinion and every doctor is different
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