I have done a lot in just the past two months. I got back into school got my permit and now have a job and in just a month my son will be here. Its so crazy that my boyfriend and I will be parents soon. My pregnancy went by so fast. I still remember the day that my boyfriend and I found out that I was pregnant and were so happy and now were so excited that were going to be parents :)

    Kim : Yes I have been really busy. Time does fly so fast ! I will post pictures so everyone can see him :) To be honest I feel great !

    Meg : Oh yes I have been super busy :) I am getting very excited to see him and so curious what he will look like !

    Cassie : Aww thanks ! Im so happy for me as well :) My favorite memory of being pregnant is feeling him kick and move so much ! <3

    Brande :Oh yes I have ! I am very happy with everything that has gone on :) Thank you I am so happy.
      Christina : Honestly I am feeling great and happy :)
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