Ok so i have this question what do you do when you with someone you really love but you sometimes feel like theres things hes hiding from you? we have been together a year he was there for me thru my divorce and him and my youngest daughter are really close theres things i love about him and then theres things that bother me and with my ex husband i never had hardly any of this im not sure if its cause we were married and living together and me and my boyfriend dont yet

    i have and he tells me theres nothing .like he has 4 boys with his ex who still lives with him and he says they arent together but if i want to come to his house i have to leave before she gets home and come over after she leaves. she knows we are togther but she sees him more than me he said hes just being considerate of her but then when i have to leave just so she can come home or as she calls it her neutral zone it makes me feel bad. i mean i know she will always be around for the kids but im divorced and me and my ex husband have a daughter together and we arent living togehter
      sometimes like when we fight we just throw everything out there and when i do ask him he gets annoyed. when i was married mine and my ex husbands communication wasnt so great like we would talk about something if we had to and we got divorced because i felt like he wasnt happy with me anymore and with my boyfriend he loves to touch me he tells im beautiful and how special i am but at times i feel like im competeting for him against his ex
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