its april now

due in may . Ohhhhhhhhhh boy . Getting scared lol.

Okay, I'm 5'3" and 127lbs (162 when I had my son) so, I'm pretty small with a big baby (He was 8lbs 10oz at birth 22inches long). I had an epidural and honestly it's not that bad. Getting the IV was worse for me. They just have you sit up and bend over your belly to get good access to your back. They'll tell you when they do it and what you should feel and then it's over and you're numb in no time. I was very very nervous about the epidural and I even asked them to wait a few more minutes so I could mentally prepare myself. It really wasn't bad at all and it's over very fast! No worries, love. :) I don't do pain well either and I did just fine.
    Oh i was so scared to get the epidermal! I remember my contractions were literally back to back and i couldnt hold still. They had josh and another nurse hold me still so the ansthieologist could put my epiderial and i remember her saying she was scared to put it in my back because im so tiny and my back was so small tool her awhile because im rly petite. Im only 5'. At that time i was only 124lbs when i gave birth. But trust me it will be well worth it. All that pain will go away. The epiderial went from being my biggest fear to my best friend that day
      You'll do great!
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