Ooo a few months!

I got off the pill about 6-8 months before we got pregnant.. but even at that we were not TRYING to get pregnant.. in fact we were avoiding those "token" days.. until one month rolled around and we thought to ourselves.. why not.. let's see what happens.. and surprise, Monroe happened! haha So all in all.. a few months for us.. it was nice because it was very stress free.. I know everyone isn't blessed with that.. so I am thankful :)

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    I was very lucky and blessed as well!! I was off my birth control pills for one month, we counted 14 days after my period started and went at it like rabbits and BAM! Lucas 9 months later haha. As you said, it's not so easy for everyone, so I am very very grateful it was so easy and stress free for me!! I hope it's like that next time too!
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