Feeling Good

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed, and like it's all just too much, that I was thrown into the adult world too soon. Other times, when my little girl charge-crawls to me, climbs up to stand, grins her wicked-adorable grin, and tries to talk to me in sounds that to her are probably real words, I remember that even though I wasn't at all prepared to be a mommy, I've done a pretty damn good job of it so far. She's happy, healthy, and learning; my husband is happy and healthy (except for a sprained toe he got when Nina decided it was time to run under his feet and he had to dance into the door frame to avoid stepping on her); and I am happy and healthy. I've found our new apartment, gotten our insurance, gotten our internet and power set up for the new place, gotten the u-haul trailer reserved...I think I can do this.

    I know you can do this! Life brings so many changes at so many times...we all feel overwhelmed at points in our lives ... but that is living! I know you can do everyhting that comes your way!
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