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Oh babies!

We are only 8 weeks into having a new babe.. but they are not cheap and they are a new financial cost if you need to prep! Here are some things to consider when thinking about the financial change of having a baby..

- medical costs! This is a biggie and can make or break when couples want to try and have a baby... if you have good insurance or not can play a huge role.. say for example all I had until I delivered Monroe was ONE $20 copay... but a dear friend of mine paid $175 every time she went to the doctor for the baby on the way.. now that can make a huge difference, no? Ultrasounds, special tests, bloodwork, hospital stays, etc.. then that is just the start when it comes to the delivery and labor, epidural and anything that comes up suddenly.. it can be a huge undertaking.

- essentials! Things like diapers, wipes, formula, clothes, and other essentials can really add up.. it's a good idea to budget and forecast if you can.. find areas to cut and save and get ready for baby costs!

- nursery expenses! These are pretty much self explanatory, no?

- more essentials.. stroller, car seat, high chair.. etc!

I don't have a sum of TOTAL cost of a newborn.. but alone, diapers for a year can cost up to $2000... so that means the price of bringing that sweet babe home is NOT cheap.. but it's sooo worth it ;)

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