Separation Anxiety

I remember at Nina's 9 month checkup, her doctor told me that she may start to get extra fussy when she's not with me.

Man oh man. The understatement.

I can't go to the bathroom, kitchen, my desk, the grocery store... anywhere without Nina deciding it's a group activity lol. If I make the mistake of closing the bathroom door before allowing her to follow me into the room, a tantrum of epic proportion ensues until I come out of that room. I've never had a babysitter, since I'm a stay at home mom with trust issues when it comes to other people and my baby lol. That might have added to this... at least she's happy with her daddy, though, FINALLY (a month after she was born he had to go to Navy Bootcamp and then A/C School so he was gone for 7 months before she got to really see him again. As you can imagine, she didn't appreciate the sudden appearance of someone "new" into her life that took up a lot of mommy's attention). But at least she recognizes who Daddy is now, and even enjoys playing with him when he's home, unlike before when she wouldn't like to be near him unless I was standing right there. Even when she first started to be comfortable with him again, she'd always keep glancing back at me like "Is this ok? I can trust him, right?"

Anyone else ever have these kind of issues?

    I remember one day when my boy's attitude changed like day and night. We went to a restaurant, and our company was the same old people we hung out with. But as soon as my friend picked him up out of the car seat and headed for our table without me, he started crying like there's no tomorrow. I couldn't soothe him in any way. It went on probably for about good 30 mins, so I couldn't finish the meal and had to hurry back home with him. I'd heard about it, but never realized it would come that suddenly or in that drastic way. I guess it was my fault for not being right next to him when he was taken out of the car seat.
      This is so common... it will pass though....hopefully! ... i only say hopefully because ALL of my children have gone through this and it has passed...except for my oldest...because of her general anxiety issues ...separation is still the most difficult for her!
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