Any ideas for playing with a toddler inside the house?

Now that my husband is not going to be home for a few months, it's going to be really boring for me and the baby in the house. My boy wants to watch more TV every day, it seems. (He doesn't go to daycare and unfortunately, we have not had much experience with play dates or groups).

So I've been thinking about going to YMCA or something and get more active physically for one. Maybe I will feel better and he will meet/see more kids over there.

But still, when we are home, I am just running out of ideas for playing with him. Toys will keep him busy enough, but I don't want him to feel like he's playing alone all the time. Any creative ideas, moms?? I'd appreciate them.

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    Hit up the education section of pinterest to find ideas and crafts you can do with a toddler at home. I do this regularly and I've scored some really great printables as well (for coloring, learning letters and numbers, etc).
      Th YMCA can be fun... but the library can add some indoor entertainment options. We LOVE the library!
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