I like all sorts of music. Have anything to share?

Music, the soother of the soul... I love all types of music, but I tend to gravitate toward certain types at certain times. Sometimes you need uppity exercise music, get the house clean music, chill out time, sleep time... Music ALL the time, lol!

I'm not nearly as obsessed as I once was about creating the perfect playlists for every activity, but I still enjoy listening to a range on Pandora or Grooveshark.

I looooove classical. Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov are wonderful, but most anything will do. Some of my favorite classical songs are very, very fast and have a sort of 'dark' mood to them. They work perfectly for writing spooky tales late at night.

While we're on Russian artists, I have a Russian Folk station on my Pandora and I just adore it. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but meh. (At least I don't play the Polka station when he's around.) I've noticed it tends to play Habanera from Carmen a lot though.... which I love... but it's not folk. Aaaand it's French. Go home, Pandora, you're drunk.

As for more modern music that still has an epic, classical feel to it- E.S. Posthumus is like the soundtrack of my life. Play this song while doing ANYTHING. Seriously, anything. Even laundry. It will make you feel like you're on a mission in a movie and give you all the motivation you could ever want. Fittingly, it's called Unstoppable. (You should be able to click it at the bottom of this post too)

I dig Beats Antique a LOT... it's kind of a tribal bellydance + modern feel and sometimes even has carnival type sounds. It's bizarre and awesome.

I also really like Dubstep. I like Rusko, numbernin6, Ry Legit, and some Skrillex. (A long with lots and lots of other.)

As for rap, I love Tech N9ne and Hopsin.

Metal – Dimmu Borgir, Turmion Kätilöt, and some Dir En Grey

I like some more mainstream stuff too, like Imagine Dragons.

Oh and a few popular songs like:

White Walls – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Same Love- Macklemore
Royals- Lorde

What about you ladies? Any recommendations? What kind of music gets you going?

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    Also... This video... If I had half the confidence, voice, and MOOD of this woman.. "Watch out!" is right! Her voice blows my mind and her dancing is so subtle, but still... outta this world.

    Habanera from Carmen sung by Julia Migenes-Johnson with video and translated lyrics

      I too, love all types of music! Loreena mcKennit ...especially when she sets literary works to music!
      Here is one of her songs... it is Alfred Lord Tennyson's :The Lady of Shalott set to Music!

        Amanda Hurley
        I'm into country music and sappy make me cry songs, such as The Climb by Miley Cirus.
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