Forgot a piece to my breast pump ... again

When I went to go pump this morning at work, I was getting everything set up and realized I did not grab the breast shields! Thankfully there is a Target a block away. I ran over their quick and was planning on picking up the set that includes two of everything, though they did not carry it! So I had to pick up a set of breast shields that are a size bigger than I usually use. I even doubled-checked everything this morning before I closed my pump bag. Guess I was still half asleep when I did that.

The other month, I forgot the power cord. Thankfully, one of my co-workers that lives close to me had not left home yet, so he stopped by the house to get it from my husband. I use public transportation and have limited options to get back home until the end of the work day so I was lucky that time!

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    I thought about picking one up also, though was not sure if I would have enough time to do one at a time. I have enough trouble some days to get away to pump the way it is and today happens to be one of them with how busy it is.
      It worked ok for me this morning, so hopefully it will be ok the rest of the day. Just hope it does not make me too sore!
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