Lately every time i'm holding my daughter she likes to blow raspberries on my shoulder. It's so cute, she likes to babble with something in her mouth too, like her teether or fingers. She's so silly.
Anybody else have a funny quirk your little one does?

    When playing with my daughter, sometimes I'd poke her nose and say "Boop!" and she thought that was hilarious. Lately, she's started poking my nose back and making sounds similar to "Boop!" but not quite that. She's also began blowing raspberries on our shoulders, too.

    She does the babbling thing, as well, very loudly. Especially when she's tired and is just laying on my shoulder. Even -louder- if I'm talking to my husband or watching T.V. She likes to have her opinions known!

    Also, since we play Online games, mostly when she's napping or late at night, but sometimes she's happy to just sit on my lap and "help" me play. She likes to try to press keys on the keyboard because she sees me do it, or she will try to use the mouse, but I keep it too far back on the desk for her to reach so she'll grab my arm and try to steer my hand on the mouse. Of course, she has gotten my character's killed a few times, when I let her steer me like that, but it's funny because she get's so excited.
    That's so cute, try this site she can mash the keyboard and have things appear.
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