Involving Step Children In A Wedding

you could have them be flower girl/ring bearer, you could have them do a reading if they are old enough, have the pastor do a special blessing for the new family where you all stand together, if they are old enough they could even serve as bridesmaids or groomsman.

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    When I married my kids dad, his son was 2 and we had him as the ring bearer.. and he stood next to me as we did our vows.. and then he got shifty so I had a goody bag filled with markers and coloring book and some play dough that had scooby Doo on it the bag and I had my cousin sort of dangle it in front of him and he trailed off to go sit at a back table while the ceremony was done..
      We plan on having our son in our wedding. He will be 2 when we say our "I do's" :) we are thinking ring-bearer. We are also having our niece and nephew in our wedding as well. They are all around the same age. My fiance's aunt is doing the ceremony and she knows it's very important to us that our son is apart of it.
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