Grandparent Traditions

yesterday my daughter went to be with her grandma (my mom) while my husband and I went to get some things done. When we came back I found out that my mom had made Jell-o with her. This warmed my heart because every time I would go to my grandmothers house (my moms mom) that is something we would do together and I loved it! I love that my mom is now carrying on this tradition with my daughter. Did you have anything special you did with your grandparents? Will you share those with your kids?

    My granny was-and is-my hero/role model, for both a person and a grand parent. When we were little my mom was too busy at work all the time, trying to make ends meet, so we'd be with our granny every day. Granny always kept us busy, taught us things, and played with us. It was fun with her, but she made sure we obeyed the rules, too. I always liked that. She taught us how to make grilled cheese and other simple, yummy foods. She played video games with us enthusiastically and never let us win, though we eventually got better and then it was a triumph to defeat granny at Mario Kart.

    I've already sort of done that with my half-brother, who's 11 years younger than me, literally half my age. My mom had sort of given up on trying to do anything mom-like at that point, so I always had to take care of him. Whenever we go back to visit, he listens to what I say, unlike how he responds to mom. If I say No, its "No". If mom says No, its "Ignore that and do what I wanted anyway". He comes to me for help with games, or just to talk because he knows I'll listen.

    End point, I want to involve my kids/grand-kids in things like she did. Make them feel like they're an important part of what was going on without always being center stage, encourage them to always be better but always know they're great just the way they are. Help them with their games, grades, or their troubles.
      We never made anything, but she had this drawer on her side table next to her couch that had all these silly little trinkets.. little glass mice and weird princess dolls and animals.. that she had collected throughout her years.. and I remember opening the drawer and setting them up on the side table while visiting with her for a couple of hours..
      MY mom.. her daughter has something similar... old beanie babies, maracas, tiny little counting bears.. and both my kids.. since they were babies.. they would find that drawer too..
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