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I once had a co-worker tell me that she had to get a shot every few months because she was trying to become pregnant, but her blood type was a sort that could attack her unborn baby and force it to be aborted/miscarried, or stillborn, or at the least, very sick or to have brain damage. I thought this was absolute crazy talk...

Until I was pregnant.

We didnt know I was, until about 6 months along. However, around the time that I would have been...almost 4 months in, I had a fit of really bad sickness. We thought I had appendicitis. My side hurt like fire, I couldn't sleep because of it. I was nauseous and had fevers and constant pain. However, because I had no insurance at the time, and am notoriously stubborn about my own health "working itself out", we didn't go to the hospital (though my husband threatened to drag me there kicking and screaming if it went on too much longer). After a week or so, it passed. Almost like it had never happened. I felt perfectly fine again.

Fastforward a few months.
Talking to my doctor at a pre-natal visit, we told him about this, since he asked if there had been any complications with the pregnancy. They did a blood test, and found out that my blood is Rh-, which means that my blood is the same crazy type as my old co-worker's. My blood, my doctors said, was trying to force a miscarriage at that time, and it wasn't appendicitis (though if I had gone to the hospital, there was a chance they would have misdiagnosed it as that and could have harmed the baby unknowingly). We've joked about how strong our daughter is because when she started kicking in the womb, it hurt like crazy. She must've been practicing karate or something. But always in that joke is the thought that she survived that in the womb, and that she might not have been here.

Any other moms here that've been through something similar?

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