When can you get a positive pregnancy test?

Generally you will get a positive pregnancy test when your period is a day or two late. Some women can get a positive result sooner than their missed period and other women wont get a positive result until a week or more after their missed period.

A pregnancy test is testing to see if you have the hormone hCG in your system. After the fertilized egg implants into the uterus your body will start producing hCG at a rapid rate. If you take the test too early you might not have enough hCG in your system for the test to pick up.

Some women may have ovulated later than usual and that will cause you to get a positive pregnancy test later then you may have expected. On the other hand some women will ovulate sooner and are able to get a positive test before their missed period.

If your period is late and you have a negative pregnancy test wait a few days and then test again with your first morning urine.

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