Friends without kids? They just don't "get" it..

I have 3 really good friends that don't have kids.. 2 male and one female.. The guys don't really bug me, in fact they are far more understanding and respectful of what they DON'T know than you would think.. It's almost like they know what a big job it is and just don't say a thing about it..

BUT.. my friend.. she's a pain and has NO clue.. she will include me on a friday night event and I'll of course have to say no most of the time and she will say things like, "A week is enough time to find a sitter right?" or "can't you ask a neighbor?"

Or the worst one yet.. she called last Friday at 7:30 asking me to join them for dinner and I said, no.. kids are just getting ready for bed, etc.. and she says, "Bring them! Just throw their shoes on and they can sleep at the booth"..

HAHAHAHA.. Funny.. Throw their shoes on? THIS is what bugs me. when you have kids, you don't throw anything on... ever at NOT ever at 7:30 at NIGHT... and sleep at the booth? Sure.. maybe they could.. but what I would have to deal with before .. ?

She texted me one rainy Sunday, "Are you guys all just cuddle up in bed watching movies all day?"

Um.. no.. we WERE for 30 minutes, but then they started kicking each other and elbowing me and then they were hungry and I had to get up and then they fought over a movie.. etc..

She just doesn't get it.. and I know she couldn't unless she has kids, but it can be irritating sometimes.. and the tone of "grab your neighbor fir a bit".. is so irritating.. she just CAN'T get it..

She will be rocked when or if she has kids.. she may not,.. she's 45, and probably won't.. which is better.. I think.. I don't think she would handle it well.. LOL..

    8Theresa Gould
    I guess my friends are older who do not have kids and for some reason they are not clueless, for which I am grateful. Sorry your friend isn't so understanding.
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