Friends are hard to come by?

I do not watch movies with a lot of cussing, NO nudity (male or female), and NO sexual content... As you can imagine that is an odd thing in today's society. This means that I am the odd ball out when it comes to friends and that is not adding in the fact I don't like to go out, party, and get drunk. The whole friends things was difficult to begin with and now that my husband and I are the ONLY ones with a baby it makes it even harder.

I have looked around town and there aren't many women my age with babies that believe the way I do. They all like to give the baby to the sitter and go party. I want to set a better example for Wesley. Has any one had to go through this as well?

Also, I am hesitant on who I bring around my child with how sick the world has gotten. How do you, personally, pick who is okay and not?

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