If you are considering an abortion

Abortion is a very personal decision and no one else can make the decision for you. If you are considering abortion you should take your time to really think about it, think about the pros and cons, think about other alternatives, think about your feelings, and think about your beliefs. If you feel comfortable enough doing so you can talk to a trusted friend or family member. Make an appointment with your doctor as well to discuss your options.

Whether or not to abort your pregnancy is your decision, not your husbands. You can take his thoughts and opinions into consideration but ultimately it is for you to decide.

Don't rush into this decision, take your time. Don't let anyone force you either way. Consider all the options and do what is best for you.

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    Personally I don't think I would ever get an abortion but I do not feel it is my place to judge anyone who is considering one. I try to give all moms support in whatever situation they are in and not push my personal beliefs on them.
      I agree with Katie. Really think about it. Once it is done it cannot be undone. Also, think about the people who cannot have children and would LOVE to adopt a sweet baby. The decision of abortion can haunt you the rest of your life if you do not completely feel comfortable with it. Th ink of what YOUR heart feels not what the pressure of others make you feel. If you are a Christian I would pray and ask God to take control of the situation. If you aren't a Christian then listen to your heart.
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