Foster Care?

Me and my husband have been thinking for some time about doing foster care. We have an extra room in our house and I do not want to have any more kids but love being a mom as would love to help kids that don't have a home. Are there any parents that do foster care or have done it?
I was a youth/childrens pastor for about 20 years and most of the kids in my groups over the years were foster kids. I know most I the ins and outs of it. Just looking for opinions from mothers who have been there before, or who have thought about it. :-)

    I am not sure about other states but here you have to go through classes in order to do foster care. Which is good! I think the only thing that is stopping us is just not being sure how we and our youngest would handle when the other kids had to leave. Especially our youngest, he gets attached to people very easily.
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