Morning routine?

Do you have a morning routine? Morning is pretty busy for me. I wake up at 4am and make myself a HUGE pot of coffee. Clean up the house and do my makeup and get dressed so I look presentable for when the husband wakes up. Start breakfast around 6am after baby levi wakes up. By the time im done with breakfast its time to wake everyone up. While the boys and my husband eat breakfast I iron my husbands clothes and make him his lunch. Then I get my boys ready and take my oldest to school. By the time I get back my youngest is ready for his morning nap. Then I send my husband on his way to work and start laundry if needed. Then me and the boys play until lunch time. And that's my morning routine! =) What are your mornings like?

    I am lazy but I don't bother getting ready first thing in the morning unless I need to go somewhere. I wake up, breastfeed the baby, change the youngest two's diapers, get the older two ready for school, and then the older two leave. My husband works second shift so he doesn't go to work until the afternoon. We try to get turns sleeping in each morning.
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