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My daughter is not wanting to eat her lunch today.... it feels like every day its something. Last she wasn't wanting to go to bed so i had to sleep on couch so she could sleep because every time i would try to go to bed she would wake up again and the battle would start all over again. I think she may be starting the terriable twos early.

    How old is she?

    I have found that it is very hard to force kids to eat. We just offer food and leave it out for them. We will not make them something else though, they need to eat what they are served. Personally I don't always want to eat at meal times so I figure my kids are the same. Most of the time when I leave it out they will come back to it later.

    Sleeping is a tough on, especially for babies and toddlers. I have never found a way to make them sleep and I just follow their cues.
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