Ear Piercing

My daughter is 18 months and trying to decide if I should get her ears pierced. I am 50/50 on it. Not sure if I want to put her through the pain now and let her make the decision when she is older or do it now since she probably won't remember the pain.

    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with what the other ladies have already said. We waited because my husband wanted our daughters to be the ones to decide whether or not they get their ears pierced.
      I was unsure about when to pierce our daughter's ears. However, at her two months check and shots, I asked our ped. She said this was this a good age and if they cry, it is because of being restrained or the noise of the piercing instrument. She gave me some suggestions for moms having their daughter's ears pierced. They helped me find the right person and place.

      Took her to where our ped said they were the most professional with training and experience. In less than minute after both piercings were done, she was smiling. She cried A LOT longer during the dot drawing and cleaning. I almost thought it was too good to be true (I'm sure it did hurt!) so I walked around with her crying for less than a minute but sure enough, she was fine! We decided just to head home and we were in the car about 5 minutes and she was asleep!

      It went waaaay better than expected and so far so good! I have to clean them 3-4 times a day and twist them around and push them in and out a bit but she doesn't seem to mind. She lets me do it each time I change her diaper and no problems!

      If any moms would like our peds tips, then write me an e-mail.