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My family and I live in Wyoming. There's not a lot to do here unless you're an outdoorsy type of person, which I use to be but with my health I don't get out as much as I use to. It also gets very cold here and my body doesn't respond well to the cold so I often times find myself cooped up inside. So every once in a while, to get away from the daily grind, we take a trip down to Denver. My husband, kids and I love going down to visit. We have so many things we love to do as a family there. However, I find that packing becomes tedious. We all have our own items that we like to take, which is a lot. Especially if you consider all the things the kids want to take to do in the car for the ride. Then you add the drinks and snacks, etc. It just gets to be a lot of clutter and mess that we have to work around on what should be a holiday. Do any of you have things that you do to make taking a trip with kids easier? Also, do you have places that you take your family multiple times a year?

    8Theresa Gould
    For some of our trips we had little travel bags that they could take things to keep them busy in the car and in the hotel room for down times. My husband's pet peeve is over packing so I tried to take just what we needed and was prepared to do a load or two of laundry at the hotel, if need be.
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