I started feeding him when he was bout 4.5 months old, there was a bit of struggling but after all he loves oatmeal. Later, Id mix with fruits, hes okay with it til one day I mixed with veggies, he threw up nd never want to eat cereal or oatmeal again. He will only eat raw veggies, he likes the puffs, would try to grab our food from the plate. He is almost 7 months old, does it mean he prefers real food instead of cereal or puree? I keep wasting the cereal and puree for almost 2 weeks, I even gave him a few days off with no food except raw veggies and others that hell eat from his hands.

    8Theresa Gould
    Sounds like he likes his food!
      Awesome! Other thing that I just dont want him to choke... Even tho when i give him the puffs, he sometimes swallow it too fast nd choke a bit. I went to the store today nd tried the dried yogurts, he choked from it. Im not sure, my fiance hates the idea of feeding him small, chunk things :| is it normal for babies to do that? Its my 1st child, obviously lol nd want the best for him!
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