Developing speaking skills

My 1.5 year old hasn't started speaking any words. How do I develop this in my child?

    8Theresa Gould
    Are you saying she doesn't say mama, dada, baby, up, num-num or no yet, even in baby talk? Each of them will be different. They are learning even though they may not be speaking it yet. As always, you can voice your concerns to your pediatrician and they can give you their advice.

    Keep talking to Vihana, read to her and she'll talk when she's ready.
      My son turned two almost a few weeks ago. He has been seeing a speech therapist since he was 18 months, recommended by his pediatrician. She has been teaching him sign language, as well as speaking it to him as she signs. It has been extremely helpful because he can communicate better. He just started saying mama but he doesnt direct it toward me. he can say dada. he has good word approximation but isnt speaking full words or sentences. Everyone keeps telling me not to rush it and when he is ready then he will talk. But, his therapist has suggested to point out everything to him telling him what everything is, having him look at my mouth when i speak to him, work on sounds of the alphabet. The sign language is very beneficial though. Hope this was helpful.
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