Good yogurt for babies

You can buy Plain Whole Milk Yogurt made by such companies as Stonyfield Farm, Cascade Fresh and Brown Cow. You can also Make Your Own Homemade Yogurt. Stonyfield Farm makes the YoBaby brand that many parents know and love. However, using a large container of Plain Whole Milk yogurt will save you money (and save on added sugar) and give you the flexibility of adding your own flavorings to baby's yogurt.
As long as baby has already had any fruits/veggies that you wish to mix in with Yogurt, you are unlimited in what types of yogurt meals you create. There is no need to buy "that" brand of yogurt mixed with fruits & veggies! Some of my favorite yogurt meals & mixes:
Yogurt with applesauce and a dash of cinnamon
Yogurt and Blueberries
Yogurt with peaches and bananas together (and separate)
Yogurt and mashed avocado
Yogurt blended with any fruit and water to create a baby-smoothie (using water makes for a thin mix that may slide through a Sippy Cup with ease)
Yogurt mixed with sweet potato and cinnamon
Yogurt and green beans and pears
Yogurt mixed with carrots and peaches

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    8Theresa Gould
    We have done much of the same thing, though I never thought of putting veggies in the yogurt...great idea!
    Taste good too, I make smoothies with yogurt kale or spinach and fruit like banana or peaches and wheat germ.
    Under proper storage temperatures, yogurt can last up to 7 days past the use-by-date
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