Advice for letting teenagers care for baby

I'd have no qualms about letting MY teenage daughters take care of my baby. My girls have been around babies and know what to do. Though I probably would take them to a CPR course at this point in our life. I have never really let anyone take care of my babies and it's rare that I require our girls to even babysit as I do not want to take advantage of them or make them feel like they were left to raise MY children.

I wouldn't allow other teens to take care of my children though....I'd have to know them very well and they'd have to have experience around babies.

I grew up babysitting and was responsible etc. but being a mom it's a whole different experience.

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    I 100% agree with your post, Theresa.. and I love that you don't rely on your kids to watch your other kids.. I know some parents who do this all too often.. and you are so right.. they are YOUR kids.. not your kid's kids :)

    I also would have a hard time letting a TEEN watch Monroe.. I would either need to know them personally and know they have watched other kids.. or it wouldn't happen.. the only person I really trust him with are a few token people.. my parents, best friend and close Aunt here :) Oh how you become a Momma Bear fast!
      for me it depends on the age of my child and the teenager. Being from a small town helps because you really know just about everyone. If my teenager watches either of my little ones I pay her just like anyone else. She is also CPR certified, drives and is great with kids.
        Danielle Keltner
        I am going to be hiring a teen to help me with my older two so I have help getting my homework done every now and then or when I have mini sessions outside. As for date night, I'm not sure yet, I may have her babysit them at her house where her mother will be home as well. They go to my church and are neighbors.
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