Tips for using a kids alarm clock for school

We never really trained our girls to use an alarm clock. They asked for one or our oldest started using her iPod. They are teens though.

While our pre-teen boys are usually up on time, I think we'd probably still have to make sure they were up if they were using an alarm clock. If they ever ask for one, we will show them how it works and explain what it does. Part of learning to be responsible is learning from mistakes so if after a short period of making sure they are up, they don't get up on time, they have to deal with the consequences of being late, etc.

I don't forsee our younger children needing an alarm clock.

Do your children us an alarm clock? How old were they when they started?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    I had my kids use an alarm clock starting in the 4th grade. I feel it is a good habit to start. I have them change the tone every holiday so they don't get to used to it.
      5Mary Hunt
      IF my kids used one, they would probably do what daddy and I do with ours....slap it a few times, roll over, pull the blankets snuggly tight, go back to sleep, wake up having to rush like a crazy person because they are now late! :)
        7Malena Hall
        Jericho has an alarm clock but is normally up 30 min's to an hour before he needs it. He is 7.
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