this is very fragile topic

no juding please or disrepect but has any one sit with there little ones and talk to them about god?
i have a 6 year old and we always talk about him and i tell him how much he loves i intruduce her to him at age 3 years old

evelyn palosBlack Diamond, Washington
    My three year old goes to church 2-3 times a week, depending on what is going on.. We talk about it a lot and read stories from the Bible together, but I have found that she understands Jesus, but God confuses her. Every time He is mentioned, she asks "who's God?". That's one that I haven't quite figured out how to answer for her... The only thing I can come up with is to tell her that He is who created everything, and I go down a list of all the things He created.
      We're not religious, but not atheistic, either. My husband doesn't really care about those things at all; I believe there is probably something, God, afterlife, something. I loathe the idea that when we die, there's just nothing else. We don't go to church or any of that (I used to go to a private catholic school for years...probably a decent amount of blame there for why I'm not religious at all). If Nina or any future kids I have ever ask about God, I'll explain as best I can, but I won't prevent her from believing what she wants to. We haven't baptized her either, nor do we plan to. It's just a "If she wants to when she's older, that's fine" type of thing.
        evelyn palos
        wow brings joy to my hearth ....
        I was saved three years ago and i want my children to have that strong realtionship with JESUS CHRIST its very important now this days at it seems more bad influences
        been involved now in the childrens life i belive when we have him in our house hold there is promises that we pass the good in our children .... my dream is to enter the kingdom with my children.......... no doubt but im very happy of the things you ladies say i pray that this continue and pass the blessing with your lil ones
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