My son is 20 months, he used to eat everything and now eats nothing lol I try to re introduce things and he is so picky, if he doesnt like the way it feels or looks he wont even try it.
Second, he has a temper, I want opinions on discipline. I tried explaining his wrong doing a few times then I put him in time out and it doesnt faze him, hes tough.

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      Oh gosh.. that has to be frustrating, Melissa.. I don't have much experience with all that.. but perhaps just keep trying.. make trying foods fun again.. let him help decide out of some foods which ones look yummy to try.. have you seen those snack ideas where you put all the snacks in a muffin tin? Letting them pick and choose? You can also puree a lot of foods and sneak them into other dishes! :)

      As far as discipline.. I have heard if time outs don't work.. try something else.. take things away.. etc.. you have to work with what works for him to get his attention and change that behavior.
        My son is picky to ... but he is 8... my usual rule is they go to bed without dinner... but my dear boy is so skinny it worries me and i usually cater to his food wants. I too... have to find some way to introduce new foods without punishment!
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