Make absolutely sure you can trust them.

Granted, I did babysit almost every single one of my younger family members (both brothers, 4 cousins, and my half-aunt) when they were babies up til they were older, without older adults around to watch over me, but personally, I'm not that trusting. I know I was mostly responsible, but I've known plenty of other teenagers who just plain wouldn't be fit to babysit a rock. Hell, I've known adults like that.

I guess just show them how to do certain things, like diaper changing, feeding, etc., and then watch them do it to make sure they've got it down. If you can, call them occasionally while they're babysitting to check up on things. Make a list of what to do and when, like when lunch time is, or nap time. Set out or label the food you want the baby to eat (if not formula/stored breast milk). My relatives didn't do any of that for me, I had to figure it all out for myself, and I managed to do just fine, but I do remember wishing I had more of an idea of what to do.

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    Ah.. good post Morgan.. and I am with you.. I really wouldn't be able to let a teen watch Monroe anytime soon.. heck most adults don't cut it! :) I think if I need to TEACH the babysitter how to do essential tasks.. then that is not a good sign. I feel like teens are different today then when I was a teen.. I took being responsible seriously.. but teens are so distracted nowadays.. it would be hard for me to trust!
      I am just leery of baby sitters in general! one can do a better job than me right? ...oh maybe grandma! LOL!
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        Lol I get like that, too. I trust him absolutely, but while he's been away in Navy Boot Camp, A School, and now C School, I was the one taking care of Nina the entire time, so it's like, "I trust him, but will he know what to do if...?" (Plus there's the whole thing where Nina doesn't like to let me out of her sight lately, so if I leave her with him to go to the store or something, even though she loves her daddy, she throws an uber tantrum).
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