Please tell me your birth story!

As moms, we love sharing things about our kids! Even the messy, goey grossness that kids get into. We especially love sharing the sweetness and happiness they bring to our family. And funny moments, nothing can beat! I wanted to ask: What's your kid's birth story? Share 1 or all. :)

Here's mine.
I was nearly at the end of the nine months of pregnancy. My womb was so full of fluid that it was too exhausting and even hurt a little. Breathing was also very difficult. Not to mention my pants or skirts couldn't fit! My mom was too excited about seeing my baby. I was told several times that I should have a baby any minute! I got stuck on 4 cm dilated -_-. Finally, we (and by we, I mean my mum) planned to induce for the day right before he was due. I got to the hospital at 6 am and waited and waited. Finally, after getting my IV in and fluids going, my Midwife shows up and breaks my water. I feel contractions getting stronger and stronger until I couldn't take it anymore it hurt so bad! I asked for the epidural. Everything up until this point didn't go as planned. I wanted a natural birth, at a birthing center in water, with no meds. Anyway, I was pushing like crazy and my midwife and everyone else was watching "too cute" on Animal Planet. All I could think was "um...I'm giving birth here! First child ya know" :p It took only 45 minutes to push my little one out. I felt like I lost all my strength pushing until my Midwife says to reach down and feel his head. Then all my strength came back. Paul's daddy very sweetly encouraged me and cut the cord as well! Seeing my son and holding him for the first time was nothing like I've ever experienced before. I had to stay overnight because I lost a LOT of blood. My baby was worth every minute of pain. <3 Tell me your birth story? :)

Please tell me your birth story!
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    Lol I've been told by all of my female relatives that mine was unbelievably easy. They all were in labor for hours or days, had bad doctors, etc. I was born with pneumonia and with the cord around my neck and couldnt be brought home for 2 weeks even though I was born exactly on time.

    As for my story:
    As I've already said, we found out I was pregnant 6 months in, unplanned, so things were a little spontaneous already. I was at my 38 week pre-natal visit, with my decently new gynecologist (the old one didnt take my new insurance), and not 5 seconds into the exam Dr Foster immediately stood up and told the nurse to get the phone and call the hospital to get a room ready for me. We asked if it was really that soon, and he said "You're at 6cm right now, you should get there ASAP. We'll call ahead for you and head over soon." So we packed up and headed home, calling various parents on the way to let them know what was up. Of course, two soon-to-be grandmothers spazzed out into happiness and had to be hung up on before I lost my mind. It was 4pm-ish by then.

    We got back home, called a friend and just hung out for a while, chatting, while getting a bag together, and then headed to the hospital together after like an hour (yeah, I know the doctor said we should get there ASAP lol). Upon arriving in the maternity wing of the hospital after trying to find the right building for roughly 30 minutes and many calls of "where are you?" "I dont know, where are you?" "Do you see us?" etc, the nurses waiting for us didn't even realize it was us that our doctor had called about, since we were so calm and happy. Apparently, most women in labor tend to rush into the hospital at 2cm screaming like its the end of the world, but they got us set up in no time and were very nice the entire time. One of them was trying to gauge was pain killers to put me on, and at that time I had started to feel a little bit of pain and pressure, but it was barely noticeable. Apparently, they needed a better idea of that, so she said "On a scale of 1-10, 1 being almost perfectly fine, 10 being someone chainsawing your head off." So I said One, and we laughed. It was about 6pm at that point, maybe a little later.

    I was incredibly hungry, but wasn't allowed to eat anything but Ice, but apparently Jello is allowed now, too, so my husband and friend went and got some and all was well again. Both mothers had arrived at that point, and were super excited and began telling me their horror stories of my husband's birth and of mine....super fun to listen to. Both were pretty bad lol. Two nurses came in to put in my IV, and the first one messed up, puncturing through the vein and causing a lot of pain and a ginormous purple bruise that lasted for weeks afterwards. The second nurse did it correctly (by the way...getting the IV put in hurts AWFULLY and was probably the most painful part of my entire labor), and then the guy for the epidural came in and had to do it in 3 tries because, other than my tummy, I was too skinny for him to get a good vein at first. Very weird feeling. Not long after that, around 10pm, I was told I was at 8cm, almost 9, and they broke my water for me, which hadnt done that on its own yet...I did not like feeling like I was wetting myself while people were in the room >.<

    We all sat and talked and watched Scrubs, Family Guy, and That 70s Show on the TV. Somehow, the TV knew just what to put on for us. Around 11pm, I was at 10cm, but they wanted to wait a bit more and let the baby descend as far as it could itself for a while. Throughout this whole time, the epidural worked wonders,and while I felt occasional pressure, there was no pain, other than the IV spot.

    At 1:35ish, the doctor and nurses came back in and said it was time. Everyone except the doctor, 3 nurses, myself and my husband went out into the waiting area. At first, they were a little stumped because the contractions weren't coming fast enough. It only took 4 pushes, though, and she was out. No one expected her to be as big as she was. Our last ultrasound, a month earlier, had said she was 4 lbs ish, and they expected her to be around 6 lbs total at birth. Boy were they wrong. Nina came out 9lbs 10oz, 21 inches long. About same size I was born, but an ounce smaller. It was funny to hear all the nurses go at once "WHOA! She's big!"

    I did need a few stitches, but they healed perfectly well.

    Sidenote: My husband's absolute favorite labor story that he has apparently told ALL OF HIS NAVY BUDDIES is this little blurb...on the last push, Doctor Foster said "Alright, now give me one, last, good push!" and so I did, I gave it my all, and a spurt of blood and goo shot him in the face, and out came the baby. My husband feels the essential need to embarrass me as much as possible by letting everyone know that gross detail lol...
      Gosh it has been so long ... one day I will post mine... but thank you for sharing I enjoyed reading your story!
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