did all you moms went in labor shaved and comfratable with opening your legs

how you prepare your self and when !?

    "Comfortable with opening your legs"...I am never, ever comfortable with that at a doctor lol. I loathe gynecological exams, it's so uncomfortable and weird and just...wrong feeling, to me.

    But into labor? Shaved, yes but not comfortable. Not fun knowing that they have to break your water for you (I had to have that done), and just generally hover around that area for a few hours until the baby's born. It was slightly more comfortable/unnoticed afterwards, when they were cleaning Nina off and we were sort of dazed in that "Holy poo we have a baby" moment, so it didnt bother me as much that the doctor was still down there stitching up.

    As for preparing yourself, if being shaved is all that important to you, keep it as you like it when you start getting close to your time, as a sort of "just in case". Make sure you have a bag packed to take with you to be ready for when you do have to go. Overnight things, diapers and an outfit for the baby, etc.
      Once your in labor and in pain your not going to care what you look like or who is looking!
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