..beach motivation!

Mamas! I need your input, help and ideas!

My family and I want to do a "get fit for the beach" challenge starting this month.. until we all go to the beach in August. We all have a few pounds to lose and over all just want to jump back on the healthy bandwagon post baby, Winter, etc.. we could all use help and a jump start!

Do you have any ideas how we could structure this? To make it a healthy competition of sorts? The only things we have thought of are "biggest loser" type scenarios, etc.. or keeping track of physical activity daily, weekly, monthly... weigh ins as well.. but I would LOVE your input!

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      That such an awsum idea .. Weight loss works best when everyone in the family gets involved. I and my husband have been targeting to loose ten pounds every month to get back in shape post pregnancy and he has been a great support. So being together and loosin pounds is so much fun !! We eat healthy mostly soups and salads and stop each other from obsessing over high calorie or high glysimic food. Light dinner, heavy breakfast and weekends filled with work out activities like playing, walking, running helps a lot. Also Jillian Michael work outs are really good and fun.
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        Me and my fiancé have challenged each other, He challenged me to lose 30lbs, (because ive been complaining about it lol) and ive challenged him to gain 20lbs because he is such a tooth pick lol and he complains about how skinny he is. ive been using free weights and walk up and down the stairs with them. And I also have this outfit from Walmart called sauna, you wear it when you work ut and it uses your body heat to help you sweat and lose weight faster..also you have to remember to eat healthy.
          This sounds fun! Come over here and motivate me... I am lacking!
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